Complete novice here needing help with solar panel + charging a small pump

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Hi Guys,

I'm sorry if this is a silly question but I've got a small project that i'm trying to build and I just need a bit of advice.

Ive got small pond in my back garden and need to set up some sort of filter system for it as its suffering with algae. There is no way of running mains power to it so I am having to rely on battery power at the moment. I have got a small little 3-6v submersible pump which I am currently running off of a mobile phone power bank ( double 81650 1200mAh 4.7v batteries inside linked up parallel ) and to be fair it lasts pretty much all day but im fed up with having to keep charging the thing up.

My original plan was to use solar power so I purchased 2 x 6v 1w solar panels with the intention of linking them together to get 12v so it would supply power even in low light condition. Then after doing a bit of searching on the internet I started to get a plan in my head of what would be the ideal way of powering then pump and came up with a circuit that would run the pump off of solar power during the day as well as charge the batteries and then once the day light went the battery pack would kick in. If the battery pack was used during the night it would only be used for about 6 hours as it is summer and the days are long so the battery pack wouldn't run out before the solar panels started working.

Does this sound possible or am I just wishing for too much?

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Yes it can be done.

Personally I would just buy a solar charging controller with a 6V SLA battery with low voltage cut off. But if you like tinkle with electronics, go for it. I think it will be a fun project.