Novice attempting to read 1 Mhz data rate (1553B) revived

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I am new to electronics but I am hoping to build an interface to connect a computer via USB to a bi-wire serial data stream which is being clocked at 1Mhz. I have considered using a project card such as Arduino but I don't think it runs fast enough to decode my data or act as the interface.

The data in question is Manchester encoded using a clock speed of 1Mhz. I think this means that the data rate is 500 khz. The actual data is MIL STD 1553B for those who are interested; this wraps 16 data bits in 3 sync bits and a parity bit to form what I think is known as a frame of 20 bits.

The initial conversion from Manchester code to NRZ seems simple enough using either a fast comparator or a dedicated encoding/decoding IC (which range from $15-$750). The next stages are the reason for my post:
Q1: What are the methods of converting the NRZ data into either a bit or byte value stream which can be passed to a computer for further processing.
Q2: Once I have my data in a series of bytes (or bits) am I correct in thinking that I could use a FTDI chip (FT2232D USB serial converter) to get the data into the computer?

I can see from reading my own post that I will need some form of clock to define the edges of the pulses.

Thanks for reading and I apologise if I have asked "stupid" questions.

best wishes
I know it's kinda too late but I'd like to know if u managed to da that? If yes, then could u share with ur decision