Notebook motherboard fixing. Need some quick advices

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I took one task - to solving notebook that wont even power on/No LEDs too/

I hoped that when dissasembly the notebook will remove battery and bios battery push power button for 30 secs and something good will happen.

I find that it had problem with current going to the main board. Have replaced the Plug board and now it goes to the board but still nothing.

My idea - if someone has something smart on his mind to share it.I want to try giving minimal effort if somethings work out. If have to lose 1 week for this motherboard i refuse the task and that`s that. I upload one picture and see the following "interesting" things on the board

p0903bd 2 pcs N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET
rt9045 Cost-Effective, 1.8A Sink/Source Bus Termination Regulator
rt9018b Maximum 3A, Ultra Low Dropout Regulator
25q328vsig bios chip
Big SMD Electrolytic capacitors


asus x401u