Norton Equivalen Circuit - Find the Current

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Can someone please explain how to find the current (i) ?

These are the steps I have taken so far:
* Removed R1 and said R1 = RL where RL is the "load resistance". On the circuit I replaced the same branch with a"short circuit" connection between 2 nodes "A" and "B".
* I redrew the original circuit and switched the position of the short circuit branch and the current source (Is)
* Now I am trying to find the current through the short circuit (Isc)
* After I find Isc I will find Req by setting all current sources to an open source and finding the equivalent resistance

* I am stuck finding the short circuit current

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This is an exam review and it's not worth any credit towards my grade.
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Why are you removing R1?

Which nodes are A and B? They aren't labeled on the diagram.

Don't make things harder than they are. Forget about Thevenin and Norton for now. You have a circuit that has a dependent source in it. You should know how to analyze such circuits.

To find the Norton equivalent circuit, you find the open circuit voltage and the short circuit current at the terminals, right? The short circuit current is the current through the terminals with a zero ohm resistor places across them, right? This IS the Norton equivalent current. The equivalent resistance is just the ratio of the open circuit voltage to the short circuit current, right?