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I'm not really sure what you are trying to say here, but I'll try to address what I can based on just your first sentence.

Imagine suspending a bunch of magnetized needles in a container of water and freezing it. Now set the container in a random location. If you look at the needles in this block of ice, they would tell you nothing about the orientation of the Earth's magnetic field at that location at that time. Now raise the temperature enough to melt the ice and let it refreeze. Now if you examine the needles they will tell you something about the orientation of the Earth's magnetic field at that location at the time that the water last froze, assuming that the container hasn't been moved in the meantime.
I think I was pondering on about how these forces within the core itself leads to pole shift as well as how the Mag field is created to begin with, is the Mag field generated outside the core or is it influence by temperature somehow as the suns radiation flows through it? Not sure how this all leads to both creating the field or changing the fields direction.

I had the Grandkids come to the house and I lost my train of thought, I'm still unsure how to phrase it, I think one of my wheels fell off in the process.

I found this in the article National Geographic.

The magnetic field that protects our planet from solar and galactic radiation, the dangerous rays that can harm things on our planet, is generated in the outer core. As energy travels through that core it creates an electrical current, which in turn creates a magnetic shield that goes far out into space. In the 1980s, scientists started to send satellites up into the atmosphere and get these little glimpses of what was happening to the magnetic shield. Through math, they are able to take those calculations from outer space and look at what’s happening inside this molten outer core, where the field is generated.
What they have found is phenomenally surprising. There is this absolutely tortured bunch of magnetic fields within the core. You’ve got the two pole magnetic fields that protect our planet, the North and South poles, but within this molten core there are all these factions, like the battle of the Titans, that are trying to topple the dipole. If they succeed, which they’ve done hundreds of times in the planet’s history, then the North and South poles will switch places.

Edit: Although your explanation of evidence later in history is a very good one.

Thank you.
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