NodeMCU & Ultrasonic Sensor

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I wish to interface an ultrasonic sensor with 5V operating voltage to a NodeMCU 0.1v. I read somewhere that i need to make a voltage divider so that the sensor doesn't give 5V directly to the controller. Is this true or is the NodeMCU 5v compatible?


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hi y2,
Reading the notes of other users, they say that it is not 5V tolerant.
Its easy to use a 2k in series with a 3k3 as resistive divider, 5V down to ~3.3v.


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Do you need bi-directional communication? That is, will the NodeMCU be controlling the 5V device? If so, what voltage will the ultrasonic recognize as "high." If the MCU doesn't provide that plus a little headroom, you might simply implement a level shifter. Lots of ways to do that, and places like SparkFun and Adafruit plug and play units for several channels.

Here's one way:

and a review: