Nice 12V Vacuum Pump from AliExpress

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I just received a vacuum pump I had ordered and it's nice enough that I wanted to give a heads up.


This pump is a takeout. It's manufactured by Parker, and is of very high quality. It can be purchased with an electrically operated valve for an additional ~$5.00, totaling ~$16.00 and $7.00 for shipping. It is a takeout but the one I received is like new. It was well packed and arrived with no damage at all.

The photo is not mine, though the markup is. I received the pump and valve packaged separately. The pictured out off tubing was not on mine. Basic testing is very promising, it's a really nice pump. It's hard to find a pump like this at a good price. The valve is an exceptional deal for five buck. One fitting is stainless and the other is PTFE, the exhaust port has a PTFE plug in it, which can be removed.

The pump is dual head, and they can be used independently. It's rated at 12V, but easily runs with lower output at 5V. The rated negative pressure for one head at 12V is -55kPa and plumbed in tandem you can get -75kPa (about 30% vacuum), the positive pressure port is 120kPa and the flow rate is 2.2L per minute.

I am going to buy a couple more to have on hand because they are such a nice little pump and I haven't seen a deal as good as this recently. Worth a look if you might want or need a little pump like this. I'll take some better photos and make a more comprehensive review on my Mailbag blog which has suffered from neglect for quite a while due to a major move of my studio to a larger space that disrupted my careful inventory.

I am slowly getting things back on track and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. So far, I don't think it's a train...

By the way, if you've read Mailbag and found it useful or interesting, I'd appreciate a comment to let me know. Though it probably wouldn't stop me if sometimes feels like I am posting into the wind, and knowing that someone is enjoying or using the information would probably encourage more content. I have a lot of backlog.