NHRA's Larry Dixon chilling crash in Florida


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The competing forces of the front air-foil and the acceleration of the rear wheels just broke the mid-section in half.
My sister-in-law's father was racing 20 years ago and they simply built and rebuilt top-fuel cars with no regard for stress/strain calculations. It was all trial and error. They kept taking weight (reinforcement) off until they were the fastest (or until the cars started breaking up). When a car broke, they added more reinforcement at that location and started taking off weight in another location. I hope they are using some computer-aided design packages but, seeing that car break up, I am not too sure.

I think top-fuel cars are the shortest competitions in terms of time off all 'sports'. Maybe some arm-wrestling matches are faster but that is about it.


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Looks like the rear wheels were trying to go faster than the front wheels.
Like trying to push a straw into a brick wall.
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