Larry Tesler , the inventor of copy-and-paste , dies at age 74

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Whats worse is when you can remember a lot of the work first coming out of Xerox Palo-Alto (great original work) and many of the engineers involved have also passed away along with your favorite rock stars, the clock is definitely ticking loudly .......


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Sad. He was a living legend at Apple and did an amazing amount of good for the world of personal computing.
I was going to ask if he was also caught up in the Apple vs Microsoft vs Lenox vs Xerox (Palo Alto) not to forget vs IBM.

Farewell thank you for my Copy and Paste which by the way is the most elegant naming convention I’ve found other than Post it note or Paper Clip. I think sometimes we forget the KISS method of naming something with value. Who knew I would like it so much, it saves my ars every day at work, so little time so much to do.



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I created a CAD system being inspired after attending a seminar presented by Adele Goldberg from Xerox PARC before Apple came out with the Macintosh. The entire code was written in ASM on a DG Nova 2 minicomputer and utilized click and drag of icons using a mouse (actually, a graphics tablet) .