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Jerald Lifsey

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I bought an Auto Vent/solar powered car window venting fan for my car online. It was crap. The solar cell powered the fan/blower (you could see the blower spinning) but couldn't feel any air coming from it.
I had an idea by combining two things to make a better solar powered car window venting fan.

I've thought about getting a Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger 12V Battery Trickle Charger Maintainer


a OPOLAR 4 Inch USB Desk Fan

and having the solar panel power the desk fan after I build some box to put the fan into to hang from in my car side window.

Just don't know how to connect the two together.

I'm pretty sure I couldn't just splice the wires on the fan and the solar panel and too bad there's not some kind of female DC car adapter to USB....

How would you do it?



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The potential problem I see is on a good day in bright sun the output of the solar power unit is 15 Volts @ 3 Watts so we get 3 Watts / 15 Volts = 0.2 Amp or 200 mA. Finding data for the fan was another story but in a Q&A I found where the fan current was measured at 0.2 Amp or 200 mA. So under ideal conditions on a good day the battery maintainer would be using max output just to run the fan. That assumes the numbers to be legit.

If I lived in a desert and wanted some airflow in my truck I would likely get myself a cheap low power thermostat and just power a low power fan off my trucks 12 volt power. A little fan is not going to run down a battery all that fast. Figure even at 200 mA that is 0.2 amp hour or for 5 hours operation it will consume 1 amp.

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Is the fan 5V ?, then might need a buck converter. Another addition might be a " Solar Gleaner" to burp the fan when solar power is low. The gleaner charges a capacitor to a set V
& when high enough dumps it into load.Solar Gleaner # 4 00000.jpg