New supersonic business jet coming


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For ages the only turbine engine planes, that could go supersonic, had to have afterburners. Some newer jets, like the F-22 iirc, could do it without using the AB. How many other jet's are doing that these days , supercruising ?

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There has been talk about making one for a few years now. Gulfstream cruises match .85-.9 now but no plans I've seen for going supersonic. Note that this is a Boeing/GE Company. Once built it will still take a year or more to get it's air certification.


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Artistic renderings look great.

What will its range at Mach 2 be?
Flights from NY to London at Mach 2, while not infrequent, are a very expensive perk. The Concord failed.
Will a Mach 2 flight from LA/SFO to Bejing save any working time?