New osciloscope and streched Nerves;I Please for some easy quick start advices

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I have sds1202x-e and cannot start measure succesfull. Is it so hard really? I just have for example one Monitor Power Board and want to see the graphic of the output voltage(5v in this case). The BNC of the probe goes to Channel1 and where to put the aligator which is on the probe cable - on the Earth metal place on the osciloscope, on the board earth or?! There is some metal terminal on the osciloscope above the earth terminal. It`s for something like "Compensation" or similar...

I just want to know where to put Probe1 BNC and that aligator and should i do something else to begin doing elementary osciloscop measurements

Thanks in advance

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For measuring the probe goes to test poing and the grounding aligator goes to ground of the Board. I ask if i can put this aligator to one of those 4 suns.

The next and maybe final question for now is where to find that ―Compensation Signal Output Terminal‖ of the probe
because i dont see it in paper manual of the probe

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...........where to find that ―Compensation Signal Output Terminal‖
You connect the probe to the top terminal and the ground clip to the bottom terminal shown here on the right bottom of your scope.
Then you adjust the probe compensation to display a clean, flat-top square-wave on the oscilloscope with no undershoot or overshoot on the leading edge.



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Top left corner of that scope is a blue button marked "AUTO SETUP". It can be your friend when approaching an unknown waveform. Hit it first, then see if Yu want to change the time, base offset, voltage scaling, or whatever.

It should get you somewhat close and uickly to what you want to see.


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Considering the OP seems to ignore some basics, could he be warned that he needs to make sure the circuit has a PSU providing isolation from mains. I find that a serious concern.