New Motorola z4 Cell Phone with OLED Display

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I guess this is relatively new as i have not seen it before this.
The z4 has an OLED display which as you know provides for one of the best cell phone screens. The price is lower than most phones with OLED technology priced at $400 USD unlocked.

I had hoped to get an OLED phone once the price came down due to increased production now of OLED displays i think by LG. $400 is much better than what i was seeing before this which was $800 but $400 is still a little high unfortunately because if the phone is damaged you're out the total price unless you can get insurance for it maybe as with some phones these days you can although i am not sure of the fine print such as deductible and coverage limits.

If you get a chance take a look and see what you think and add comments if you can.

I did not see a "Product Review" section here at AAC's so i posted this here, but if any mod thinks there is a better place for this feel free to move it there.

Thanks to all for any ideas, comments, etc.