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I noticed that when hovering a users avatar in the online list, there is a popup with information on the user.
I have tested it with mij test account:


As my test account has not reached 10 posts, there is no start conversation button, wich is available for senior members.



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Saw that too. Some questions:
1) How is reaction score calculated, considering there are 6 reactions, some positive, some negative?
2) Please avoid the temptation to add clutter:

The subforums are already bolded when new posts are made. They don't need the "NEW" designation. There are plenty of issues to resolve with the new software. Maybe get those solved first before adding such enhancements.

Not everyone is impressed by such add-ons. I like a simple screen. Such redundant enhancements decrease readability IMHO.

EDIT: It appears the "six shades of grey" have disappeared from the reaction menu. Thank you.
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I too am in favor simple.

By the way, I see that the text here is grey on white. Not good for some of us older people. Contrast is very important. Black on white works really well, and this modern trend toward lower contrast is bad in my book. I would not have been able to read this text six weeks ago, even using all the tricks at my disposal. I noticed that the text in Bertus's post is black. Please make all text higher contrast. Us old persons will thank you.

Edit: (This grey text is driving me nuts). The last software upgrade gave us less information in each screen, making the task of, for example, going through the current threads, much slower because more scrolling was required to get through the same number of posts. This upgrade has again reduced the amount of information on the screen, and apparently requiring more scrolling to see things.

The need to hover over an avitar to see the user's "qualifications" is an inconvenience. Just make things smaller so more stuff can be on the screen at the same time. It is often important to see how long the use has been with us and some indication of how active users have been to help determine whether a given post is spam or promotional or not.

When creating this post, the text and link were under the image. Now that it has been posted the link and message are to the right of the image. This does not seem right.

Thank you for fixing the "Insert Quotes" button. I have missed that for a while and its nice to have it back.

I am sure that some of these comments come from being uncomfortable with change, but I think keeping contrast and making reading of the forum faster by allowing more information on each page are constructive and good improvements.