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Here I would like to give suggestions for easy forum use.

For drawing you can use the gimp:
For the ones that like photoshop, but don't want to pay a lot of money, there is a shell for the gimp, called gimpshop, to make it act like photoshop:

For reading the various image files you can use xnview:

If you come accross a zip or rar file, you can use 7zip to unpack it:

For circuit simulation LTspice is often used here:

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I routinely use vector drawing programs such as Intaglio (Mac only, like me) and have looked at Inkscape as mentioned above. I much prefer the device-independent resolution and other benefits of drawing instead of painting.

I've just started dabbling in LTSpice and I'm trying to force myself to learn it.

A few years ago I was comparing the free Mac versions of Eagle and Diptrace and posted a comment in a thread on a related topic, noting the better assistance for a beginner from Diptrace.