New here - Have few questions

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First of all Hello!

So I'm completely new to circuit boards. - Though I know some C++ programming.
I took this out of some keyboard and I was wondering could I re-program it?

It has a led strip attached to it

I also tried to find the device on AtmelStudio but I couldn't.
Probably doing something very wrong :)

Any help or links to some documentations are appreciated!


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I also tried to find the device on AtmelStudio but I couldn't.
Nope, Thats not an Atmel device, it's made by NXP. You need to get the LPC number thats on it and Google for the datasheet.


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I wouldn't even try. Buy a hobby u board and start stocking components.
Plus one on the above. Reverse engineering a sole purpose board and making it useful has a low probability of success. There are a lot of proto-boards out there for micro-controllers, and they are often pretty cheap.


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What kind of circuit do you want to build? Do you want it based on a micro-controller? If yes which one/family?

This company has a good selection of PIC boards.
You can also get PIC boards and programmers from Microchip. They also offer a good free development software. (I use the ones from microchip most often. Search for "starter kits" on Microchips site.)

TI has a good beginner board called (I think) Launch boards sold by Digi-key.

I am sure a lot of other people will chime in about their favorite proto board.