New, got a problem with car radio hum after adding hardware and a new wire harness.

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Hi, I have an interesting issue. Will do my best to explain. I am not a circuits experts or wiring expert.

My 2017 Lexus GX 460 has a complex system with navigation touchscreen. It was missing car play so I purchased an add on plug and play android system. It uses its own harness to piggy back OEM. Now everything works just fine. Except for AUX port.
Aux port originally had a small hiss with out any aftermarket add ons. You can only hear the his at highest volumes.

Aux port it self is a box inside of it is a little motherboard with aux and 2 USB ports. With another wiring added I hear more distortion at higher volumes. Some times distortion is louder and comes with pops.

I purchased Radio Shack Audio Output Transformer 273180 and thought of wiring it in between the aux port and wiring going to my head unit.
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