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Please help me to find the solution of following problem:

Let suppose XYZ university has bought an IP address of Design a network for two
departments of XYZ university. The internet users of each department can reach to the maximum of
200. Connect this network to three home LAN networks through routers. Local ISP decided to
subnet the class C address to these homes LANs.
How can i accomplish this...please help..I am new in networking field. thankx alot
Ask yourself what IPv4 range a /23 address is, and determine how to implement it. You need 400 end users according to the parameters, so 2 bits in the 3rd octet will be needed, and 253 addresses in the 4th octet can be used for end users. You can issue out a single IP address to a single router, and after that router can be an entire new IP address range (which has been given as the network).


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Use a single unique 192.168.n.n/24 subnet for each LAN.

Then implement port address translation on the gateway router to the internet using a single ip from the public ip subnet range.