Need to source a part but can’t find one anywhere

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Derek Emerson

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Hi all

As the title says, I need to source a replacement part but am unable to find one anywhere.
The part is a dual USB port, pcb mount, sinking plate type. It’s from a motor trade diagnostic machine and manufacturer will not sell spares, they will only try and sell me a new machine.

Simply you say, and I must admit I initially found some really cheap, however, when they arrived they are the wrong type.

I’ll have added a picture of the original and the one that I have managed to find so far. The original is on the right.

I’m just wondering if anyone knows where I might source one.

Many thanks

D00D0357-5069-41EB-9481-7530A6338DF7.jpeg A317CC5D-2CCC-41C2-802E-E1298504460D.jpeg
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I would try DigiKey in a search for new parts, and look at some older computer service shops for a USB add-on board to take the parts off of. AND some computer cases have double plugs like that. a used computer case might be a cheaper source if you can find one. Also some of the newer TVs that get scrapped because they can't be repaired. But you may not have the time or resources to do that much shopping around.

You may be able to stack two single connectors if you are willing to make the opening in the panel slightly taller.

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Derek Emerson

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Not really enough information from the photo, but how close is this: ?

There are other similar Molex parts, too.
Thanks for the link, after checking the pdf I'm afraid that it is the wrong type.

The first picture is a side view if the Ports and you can see that the rear of the socket is approx only 2/3 of the height of the socket. This allows the socket to be mounted so that the board sits in the middle of the socket as opposed to sitting flush on the surface of the board.

The second picture shows the socket I sourced (on the left) and the original (on the right) as you can see, any USB device that was plugged into the original port would have to be rotated 180 degrees to fit in the post I sourced. The PCB must be laid out opposite to a standard USB port and as such this prevents me from using a spare from a PC motherboard etc.

I'll have a look at Molex and Digikey and maybe give them a call to see if these can be sourced from anywhere.

I'll report back if I find one but in the meantime keep the information coming if anyone knows of an alternate source.

Thanks again