Need to make 120vac to 300vdc .5A Transformer / converter / power supply

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I have some devices that run on 300vdc (device rated at 150 watts). I may need to bake 4-10 of these. I don't know the best way to go from standard AC power (120vac)

I'm trying to find an inexpensive solution for this. Ideally I would be able to use some kind of "wall wart" for this or a small brick PSU.

I don't know how to go about doing this as my knowledge in electronics is still limited but this is what I've been working with.
-Wire transformer
-Voltage multiplier

Here are the conversion of AC-DC full wave rectification.
100 * 1.41 = 141vdc
110 * 1.41 = 155vdc
120 * 1.41 = 169vdc
230 * 1.41 = 324vdc
240 * 1.41 = 338vdc

If I could get 212vac rectifying it would give the desired 300vdc. If I could get 106vac I could rectify then use a 2-stage voltage multiplier to get the 300vdc.
212 * 1.41 = 300vdc
106 * 1.41 = 150vdc

I guess another option is if I can get my 120 down to 110vdc I could then use a resistor in line to drop the 155vdc to 150vdc and then a 2-stage multiplier.

IDK if there are any high voltage buck/boost converters or voltage regulators that would work in this application.

I appreciate any help or suggestions on this or pointing me in the right direction!


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I would go with 230 VAC rectification method. once transformer and other conversion losses are factored in plus load voltage droop the odds are that 324 volts open circuit will come out close enough to 300 VDC to b more than acceptable to the devices.

If they are a bit fussy about voltage and ripple then a simple HV linear regulator to bring something a few tens of volts over 300 down to 300 would be the next easiest thing to work with.