Need to detect image edge slow growth from video images

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I have a real world application to detect the slow growth of a cloud image. I'd like to use the Grove Vision AI Module from Seeedstudio. This is a low cost vision AI board with onboad camera and processor. I'm not familar with AI at all and find it very difficult to learn much about it. The terms are all unknown to me and the descriptions about how things work are vague.
It seems most of these devices and software are oriented to determine WHAT an object is. I am only using this for one object (clouds) so that is not nessecary. Also, most use "training" to identify images but I only want to determine incremental growth. Ideally the output would be an image of the cloud with a highlight or marker showing the region of maximum growth over the last 10 to 30 seconds. This is likely to be a change so small as to be not very noticable by a casual observer. Another requirement would be to align each image (maybe 1 per second?) with the previous using the base as the anchor so that growth along the top edge is detected.
Anyone know of any links that might have a similar goal of growth detection?