Need sensors for weaving machines

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Can any one Suggest me a sensor for weaving industry
1-Humidity measuring sensor in thread
2-Thread breading sensor

if the red colored thread breaks . We need indication Automatic Start-mark Prevention.jpg


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What an interesting project.

Thread Breaking sensor
A piezoelectric sensor might be what is used. Each time the thread moves it outputs and signal and if the thread breaks and stops moving there is no more thread signal.

Eltex uses a piezoelectric sensor for their thread sensor. Eltex thread sensor

Sparkfun has a piezoelectric sensor that might be useful. I don't find any documentation and am guessing the thread can be threaded through the brass hole?


A similar part is stocked at Mouser, a TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties 1005940-1


You can contact the company to discuss your sensor requirements.

Humidity Sensor
Is it air humidity you need to sense? TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties has these things.

SHT Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Digikey stocks many types of humidity sensors.



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For the thread break detector you need to sense even one thread breaking. That is quite demanding because the threads are very thin and would not block much light. A high resolution optical line sensor will work, and not have any contact. It will require a computer to monitor the image and detect a missing thread.


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To elaborate some more: The sensor could also be some version of camera, and the lighting be from the side so as to provide a maximum amount of contrast. Then the software will need to be able to monitor the image where each thread should be.
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