Need resources to learn RF communication circuits.....

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Hello everyone, I'm a B.Tech student and am well versed in analog circuits at low frequencies like BJTs, FETs and op-amps and know very well the theoretical part of analog communication as AM,FM,etc.
Know I want to link these two and make some circuits that would allow me to transmit & receive radio waves,analyse them ,etc. I searched everywhere on the net to find some textbooks ,but what I got was books that covered theoretical concepts for ten pages and one or two circuits for implementation,explained for barely half a page.
I want to learn RF circuits from beginning,relate them to ordinary amplifier ciruits for low frequencies and their drawbacks,various configurations possible for a single purpose,pros and cons of each and lots of solved and unsolved problems with examples,etc.

Are there books/pages/tutorials aywhere ? please help me, as this course is not being(will never be ) covered at my university.


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Build Your Own Transistor Radios by Ronald Quan has a lot of projects and theoretical explanations. It was too tough for me, but I had very little electronics knowledge at the time. It is on Read the reviews on that site to decide if it for you.