Need help with pins for c3205 transistor, emitter base collector?

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Takes me to substitute part NTE11?
will this be the same pins?
I had actually seen that earlier, but I want to make sure I am not seeing things wrongly.

I also doing image search saw this, looks like it is the same orientation?
I need some one to confirm, this is a bottom view, with leads pointing towards you ?

And is a c3205 an appropriate sub for a 2n2222?
I thought I verified before , but what do I know...
It will be used as a slow switch, not some kind of high frequency thing.

Oh, well, I suppose that is the end.
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As I interpret the drawing, looking down on the flat with the pins pointing towards you, pin 1, the Eimtter is on your left, pin 2, the collector is in the center, and pin 3, the base is on the right. Is it an exact replacement, probably not; is it close enough probably it is. The only way to confirm this is to go to the datasheets and look for parameters to compare. You don't suppose we want to deprive you of the pleasure of confirming this for yourself -- do you?

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Can someone share what pins are what for the c3205?
If you have a continuity tested, the transistor will read like 2 back-to-back diodes - then all you have to do is distinguish between the E & C junctions which are both common to the base.

The B/E junction behaves like a zener at somewhere around 5 - 8V. If you have a very sensitive continuity tester with higher energising voltage than that, it will show a little bit of leakage.

You could probably get by with a 3mm ultra-efficient LED (2mA), a 10k resistor and a 12V security key-fob battery.