Need some help clarifying Digital Tech. IC pins/schematics

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Hey guys!

Im having some trouble here in my Digital Techniques course.
Were in the process of laying out our schematics for a AND gate with 2 input's, controlled by a SPDT switch, and im having some troubles with labelling the pins on a schematic (and knowing where to put the numbers) and then actually physically hooking it up to a breadboard with a 4 SPDT switch and a test level logic circuit with 2 LED's.

Can anyone give me any pointers for helping me to visualize this? Maybe a resource or a video that I haven't been able to find yet? Thanks alot in advance!!!


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Here is a site I used myself. You can also go to the home page and see a lot more. On an AND gate (2 input) you have 2 inputs and an output pin. Look at a datasheet and find the pinout diagram. VCC is power, gnd is the ground. A and B are inputs, Y is the output. The idea is to use a switch to change one of the inputs from high to low. (VCC to GND)