Need help with Logic Design lab (Sequence counter with flip flops)

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Allain Dominique Borno

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I am really having trouble understanding how to do this, and I need it in layman's terms.

Right now, I have done the truth table for the sequence, which is 000-010-111-011-100 back to 000 (as shown in picture).
Next I did the transition tables for JK and D flip flops (As shown in picture).
Now the next part I don't understand. I have to fill in a bunch of state maps, but I am not sure where I should be getting my information from, and I am not sure what to put in the boxes. This doesn't seem like a normal K-map, so I don't know what to put/what to write for the simplified expresson afterwards (blank page shown).

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!20151026_121323.jpg 20151026_121949.jpg