Need help with inductor

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that thing is half a century old. in world of electronics that is comparable to age of the universe. i would not say it is pretty slim chance that same style component may be found among today's products... also, i would look for replacement of same value, not same look ;)


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If it smoked, do you know what other component caused that - it didn't do it to itself. You need to find the cause beefore you replace it or the new one will smoke.


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You can wind your own and give it a try.


You can find this calculator at There are many similar calculators available on the internet.

Disclaimer: The FCC takes a dim view of people modifying or tuning up transmitters without the ability to verify the transmitters meet the requirements of part 95?. Will you know whether it is working correctly? If this is for the receiver section, no problem, but from that large coil nearby it looks like the 10 uh choke is in the transmitter's final. (By the way, taking AlbertHall's advice in post #3 you might find the final has cooked itself.)


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Buy a thru hole composite inductor and throw it in there. Looks like a choke to me.

You could buy a sam's photo pac and get proper part number.