Need help with creating a wire jumper


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de-solder the buzzer... is it annoying you? put something over it... i'm thinking some sort of putty, or something like that... post a picture of the board.

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Vincent Shelby

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Yes, the buzzer is quite annoying. During equipment setup, which takes approximately 6 weeks, this buzzer is constantly going off. I'd like to temporarily disable the buzzer, but not by physically altering it in any way because it needs to function properly after the 6 week setup time.

Usually we just put some tape over the buzzer, but it doesn't seem to do much good. As for de-soldering, this is not an option.
Find some sound deadining foam. You need foam and a hard surface.

As the manufacturer for a physical jumper or a software change that can disable the buzzer or maybe make it much softer. If it's that important, then allow disabling for a time limit like a day.

Cut the PCB trace and put a zero ohm SMT jumper when your done. If there is room solder a removable jumper.


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If you’re going to be doing this a lot, make an interface board. Use a short ribbon cable, with connectors on just one end, from the interface to the production board. At the other side, solder in a header. Then for any wires you may want to control, insert a DIP switch in the traces between the two sides.


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I read it as they have to test/install something. Not sure if they have the ability to change the design. Otherwise I would put in a code to disable it during testing.