Need help! Want to modify heated blanket controller to turn on when plugged in ..#2

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Hello! I have a very primitive understanding of circuitry and can't seem to find an answer to my question online due to my lack of knowing what to search for.

Simply, I have a heated blanket that I want to be able to turn on by switching on the power to my surge protector (wifi-enabled).

When I turn on the power, it takes a second step of pressing the button on the heated blanket controller in order to turn on the heat.

What is closing the circuit when I turn off the power source and then turn it back on using the surge protector?

Is there a way to modify the circuitry to accomplish what I am hoping to?
It's a Safety feature in case if power cuts so it doesn't come on when power is restored.

The only option is to remove the PCB and wire it directly to the plug to bypass it, but the heater will be on full heat all the time.