I need help to modify a design for LED studio lights...

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Here is the video where he builds this one to run off A/C. I'll be using the larger light panel he builds at minutes 17:00 on this video.
I want to retain the dual dimmers for the two color light strips.

In this video he makes one that runs off a rechargeable battery.

I want to combine the two technologies so I can run either A/C or D/C just as one would with laptops.

I appreciate any assistance in designing what I need.

Thank ever so much for your talents.


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I'm not in the mood to watch all that just to learn by guessing what you need. Can you give us a set of specifications you need to meet?


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All these light designs use 12Volt pre-made LED strips that have internal current limiting resistors.

How you get the 12 volts is the question- batteries or a line powered DC supply.

What are you trying to accomplish specifically?