Need help using relays for home automation

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Hi! Im sorry if my english that bad.

I wanted to make home autmation with arduino uni and motion sensors, by using relay to power electrical stuffs.

So i still question this :

I've watched numerous video tutorial in youtube, and it says how to use relay is connecting live wire to relay by cutting the cable and connect.

i wanted to more aesthetic, because they look not tidy.

so i wanted to build this (image 2)

Is it safe?

All i know is : its not safe for bulbs, because if you change it, you will got shock because the bulb port still live.
But im using this for another appliances like Charger, DC adaptor to led 12v, fans and other stuffs, i cant tear apart chargers because they dont have wires. (the plug is directly attached to its body)

second question : for high power devices like krisbow industrial fans

Im kinda worried because its metal casing, or its surely safe?

NB : I will put grounding wires too (yellow green wires, i dont want to getting static electric thingy when i touch them)


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Your english is fine. I agree with wayneh.

In addition, be careful about doing line powered projects. A mistake can have serious consequences (life, safety). Insurance companies will often deny an insurance claim if unapproved electrical devices were involved in an accident.