Need help to find IC's datasheet


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Nothing on the chip looks like any of the familiar chip identifiers. It is possible that this is a custom design with an OEM or In-house identification. If that is the case you will not find ANY publicly available datasheet or application information. On top of that there will be no way to purchase additional units for repair or replacement. You could try the manufacturer of the product, but they will not likely be very helpful.

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Papabravo, thank you for your answer.
Yes it is possible an OEM. The chip is used in a Medion Akoya LED monitor MD20333. I am an absolute beginner at repairing electronics.
The LED backlight don't get the power and I have checked all leds and all are lighting with the same brightness. According to the datasheet of the lcd panel(LTM230HT05_Samsung) the led backlight should get 56V at 230mA (~14W).
The backlight modul gets 12V and 5V. Also the monitor remains always at stand by mode even if a VGA signal is connected. I would like to ask, what could be the wrong part

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