Need help to figure out a project with filters.

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Hi forum, I hope you are having a great day!

My situation: Currently I'm doing Circuits Theory II, wich is part of the program of electronics engineer in my country. As you guys imagine, this course it's all about filters. And a necessary part to pass the course it's to make a project.

My problem: I'm having difficulties finding a project that my teacher likes, me and my group presented an idea, make a parametric equalizer, but he told us that if we are going to work with audio, we have to work with a order 4th filter or superior, and we think that doing a parametric eq with that especification would hurt the output signal and probably would sound badly in an amplifier.

What I need: I need some fresh ideas, the brainstorming in my group is not working, because we are propousing some unrealistics and undoable project.

Well, that's all folks, I will apreciate your help, and sorry for any grammar mistake, english is not my first language, wish you all a great day!


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Have you ever heard abot fractional-order filters? This is a relatively new technique....a corresponding google search can bring you to the state of the art...