Need help selecting chips for my programming tool.

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I get to pick 13 pic 8 bit chips when I order my software tool. I have already selected the pic16f690 and the pic18f4620. This leaves me with eleven more to choose. I would like the best choices for 8 pins, 12 pins, 16 pins, 24 pins, 28 pins, 32 pins, 36 pins and four more good ones. Thank you for your help with my question.


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PIC also comes in 14, 18 and 20 pin. I would suggest getting 2 of each of the more popular chips, as if you use one up in a circuit, you have another to swap if you re-program.
As for choices, depends on what you plan to do with them. It's hard to pick until you have some idea for a project. Some lower end chips and some higher end chips are always handy, with other chips in the mid-range.


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8 pin: PIC12F1840
14 pin: PIC16F18426 or PIC18F06Q40 (only SMD version is available)
20 pin: PIC18F16Q40
28 pin: PIC18F27Q43
40 pin: PIC18F47Q43

Approx. they have the most memory areas, relative new controllers with lots of functions.

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I used the PIC16F690 when it was newer, but that was a few years ago. If you want a PIC16F part in 20 pins, look at the PIC16F18345. And for 8 pins, the PIC16F15214 is way more capable than anything in the PIC12 series.

It's a major consideration for me that a processor has to have self-programming ability. I like to load a bootloader once, and then do everything over a serial port.