need help read/write MCU

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hello I need your support, if someone can explain to me how can I read the content of the microcontroller (TMS320F28021) and write it on several MCUs of the same family without going through Code composer,I 'have: programmer XDS100 ,motherboard with a JTAG interface and UNIFLASH software from Texas instrument.
I plugged the XDS100 programmer into the JTAG interface then I opened UNIFLASH software I go to read target memory the process went well, but when I want to export the firmware I can't figure out all these thing also the file is only a few kilo octet, if someone can explain the step by step or if there is a software that is easier than this,please i nedd help


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its a treadmill motorcontroller ,i'm not sure you have any idea how i can find out?
That is true since most of the companies that use firmware in a microcontroller have it read protected so you can't do what you are trying to do. If you can get the contents of the Program memory that may only be part of the task since there is also the non-volatile EEPROM and configuration registers to deal with. Trying to clone them for whatever purposes may in fact be illegal and subject you to civil and criminal penalties. I certainly would not be asking for help on a public forum since the operators will more than likely comply with a subpoena for your information.