Need help on my "Sound Shakit"

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    Nov 3, 2014
    I lost the remote of my sound enhancing processor "Sound Shakit PA504".
    The remote is a combination of Volume, tone balance and a push button for on/off.
    Is there a way to turn on my Sound shakit without the remote? In the socket for the remote
    there's a label "Ground/-8V(neg.8volts)/Mas. Vol./shakitness tone balance/shakitness".
    Ground and -8V and goin IN the remote and Mas. Vol., Tone BAl. and Sha. are OUT through the processing control. Which of those is the on/off for the sound processor and what connection should I do? Should I connect ground in the ground or connect both Ground and -8V? Thanks 1.png.jpg 2.jpg 2.jpg
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