Need help in identifying some parts

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Hello Guys.
The PCB drives two motors back and forth. The FETS drives the motor so I was able to guess what the IC's should be doing, but number is also important too.
2 identical stages are there.
I have been trying to find these parts for some time now.
I have managed to seek out the all of them except one, I believe.
I have made a little pdf ( Component ) to show you guys the PCB and parts.
Findings :
( IC52)
This guy had me going for a while. After some work in order to display the part, I managed to pin point to a high voltage CMOS gate chip. 4081BF { Am I right here ?)
( IC55 and 56 )
This part I got lucky since I can see the number from the other one. It says 7380. ( so I tried FAN7380 )
The transistors are pretty straight forward . ( number is "33")
( IC53 and 54 )
This is the problem. I cannot seem to find it. The print says "C5" or "C.5"
Does any one has any idea about the high side driver chip ( IC53 and 54 ) part number and are my identifications correct ?



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I guess the board is not working? I'm thinking that if it operates properly, you might learn what a component is doing by looking at the signal on each pin with an oscilloscope.