Need help for getting bode plots for a buck converter

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Hello Everyone,

I have simulated the dual input buck converter with negative feedback controller. I designed the controller depending on the boost required by the system. Now, everything is working well. The output is stable, and then I put two resistors after the amplifier in order to change the duty cycle of the switches generated by the amplifier after PWM. Now, the thing is I have done the simulation in time domain, but I want to do this simulation in frequency domain so I can use anytype of analytical tool to comment on the stability of the converter while changing the values of the resistor I PLACED AFTER THE AMMPLIFIER.

I can understand that I can comment with the help of bode plots, but I am not sure do I need to get the bode plot for the buck converter or controller. I tried for the controller and the bode plots looks weird to me. Please have a look on my circuit and bode plot. This circuit is basically the type 3 controller which I put in feedback to two input buck converter.