Need help determining which relay to buy

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Yaşar Arabacı

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I need help determining which relay to buy. Since I am new to electronics, I find product descriptions on the online shops hard to understand. I want to activate/deactive this relay using a simple battery. After some browsing around, I can see that there are some relays that works with 12V, so I guess I need one of those.

On the other side, I want to control 220V electicity coming from a wall plug that goes to a device which consumes 900W energy at most. But I may also connect this relay to control a multi plug, so a relay that can handle more power could come in handy.

Can anyone recommend a brand and model number?


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What will control connecting the battery to the relay?
Do you a bare relay which you will build into a box with connectors and so on, or do you want something already built into a box?