Need help about solving transistor circuit


Joined Nov 13, 2010
If you don't have any idea how to solve a problem, it often helps to write down what you know about the various parts of the circuit.


Joined Mar 4, 2014
You mean that just making a few simple observations about the circuit, you get the complete solution? Who would have thought that?
I think those few simple observations should be made by him. Those observations are all he needs to solve the problem. Now, the only thing he needs is to plug in values and get the results. That way is easy and probably he won't be able to solve a new problem even with the same level of difficulty... Anyway, I'm no one to say anything because I'm also a complete rookie. I just learn from the examples I've seen in the forum where no one should solve the other's problem but help to spot errors or help leading in the correct direction to solve a problem...