Need comments on my first self designed power supply 12V 1A

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I am trying to design basic adjustable power supply, i'we made my scheme in CircuitJS and i'we got complete project on protoboard,
i have some problems with current control my current regulator kinda works like switch on protoboard, while in simulations works ok.
Can i get some feedback please, what can i do better and so on, thanks.
Also i wonder why when i increase input voltage from 12V to 24V i do not get more than 8V after the voltage regulation section? And how can i achieve that?
Here is the link to sim:


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Need to see the schematic with the real parts and power to the op amps.

And please draw the schematic with the op amps horizontal in the conventional manner, not vertical.


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Sorry if we sound critical but schematics should be easy to read and easy to follow. The rest of the analysis might be very difficult but a good legible schematic is a must.


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I was very interested in what they had done. Apparently they could not tolerate the gentle criticism. OR maybe we should be more gentle.