Need a way of reading and writing CAN messages to and from a pcb

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Morning all,

I have been tasked to create a GUI in C# that can read and write CAN messages from one of our products.

The CANOpen system is implemented on the product with an ARM Cortex microcontroller.

Does anyone know of any .net or custom library that is fairly easy to setup and use? Or how you would go about creating a library from scratch?

I have created a GUI that uses EUSART by using the SerialPort class in C# but it looks like there is no CANOpen class.

Can anyone help please?


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When we need to do this we use "USB to CANbus" converters of various types or vintage. I would suggest getting one with isolation so you don't make a direct connection from your computer to the test item.

Google the term and see what looks good to you. Visit the manufacture for support, they typically come with a dll and various libraries.


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A Bluetooth unit is what I would recommend. I had a faulty laptop power supply that caused the USB connected CAN converter, my CAN master, CAN slave and laptop to all go BANG :(
This is what I have now..
Of course, this is the hardware part of your question. As for the code, "My favorite programming language is solder", so others may be able to help you there.