NanoVNA-Saver & SimSmith, Impedance file export?

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I am tuning the dipole wire antenna 868 MHz with the dipole one arm length 70 mm laying on the plastic cat collar.

Is there any way how to export NanoVNA-Saver marker impedance e.g. 58.6-j4.99 (or the full range of sweep impedances 800-986MHz) to file to be able to load it into SimSmith as the impedance file. I don't like to enter the Z impedance manually to enable impedance matching in SimSmith.

I can export measured data to *.s1p file and load it as trace into SimSmith. What is the meaning of the data in the file?

# HZ S RI R 50
800000000 0.1738762283845014 -0.40363345076781976
800134787 0.16958666771974704 -0.40525075481541806
800269574 0.1682756335467491 -0.4033103195613185