Mylar vs Polyster Film caps?

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Hi guys, so i made a "bass preamp by rod elliot".
And there's a capacitor required and its gonna be a 4.7uf polyster.
So i used 5pcs of 1uf mylar caps.
Well my project is working...
Just wondering if it could have sounded better if i used a polyster film caps wich is known for high accuracy.
(I couldnt find a polyster film in our local electronic stores)
What do you think guys?
Would there be a difference?
Thank you so much!!



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You are free to obsess over infinitesimal differences in sound to your hearts content.
But for all intents and (rational) purposes it makes no difference.

(waiting for the audiophiles to light up the boards now...)


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Mylar is a brand of polyester.
From Wikipedia:
A variety of companies manufacture boPET and other polyester films under different brand names. In the UK and US, the most well-known trade names areMylar, Melinex and Hostaphan.
And from another source (
These [polyester] capacitors also are known by the trade name Mylar capacitors as this is a trade name for the polyester dielectric film used.
Don't perseverate over the brand of polyester used.