My PC Desktop not showing Icon.

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You forgot to turn your PC Desktop on?

In future, please provide better information when you request help.

(sorry - I know I am being rude - can't help myself)

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1) Is it a New Installation or Was it working OK earlier?
2) Did you change something about the Screen resolution?
3) Did you try a Hard Reboot?
4) Did someone else play with the PC resulting in this?
5) ...
6) ...

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Try browsing around for the Desktop folder for your user name, and see if the links are in there. If not, it's possible they got deleted. Or maybe your desktop folder is not where you think it is. I'm assuming that you already checked for malware and viruses, and there are none. By any chance, did you run "clean up desktop icons" recently?


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What to do now?
If you had two monitors attached at one time then the icons could be displaying in that space. Djsfantasi's solution should fix that.

If that doesn't do it:

1. Check the Recycle Bin
2. Make sure you are logged in under the same account when you created the icons.

3. If some or all applications are missing from All Programs under Start on the task bar then this is a good indication you are logged in on a different account.

4. All of the users will be found under C:\Users. Any icons will be found under each name in the Destop directory. If they are not there and not in the Recycle bin then they are gone.

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Have you tried right-clicking the desktop and selecting "Arrange Icons by" and clicking "Show Desktop Icons"?
The option of Arange icon is not there.

when i install other software in 2 account it is showing desktop icon


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Win 7 Pro SP1 64 bit. Right click desktop. Highlight “View”. Scroll down and click “Show Desktop Icons”.

Now......right click desktop again. Highlight “View”. Can you see “Arrange Desktop Icons” now?


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Have you made any changes or added any new software recently?

If you haven't turned it off, your system restore feature should still be running. Try a restore point for a day prior to the problem appearing.

Go to Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore

Follow the instructions. If a restore attempt fails, start the PC in "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and type in rstrui.exe at the prompt, and wait for system restore to start. It can take a while on some computers.
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