my girlfriend vs AAC


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AAC will be here when she is gone (even if it is shopping). Go with the girl, while there are more of them, they are considerably harder to replace, and much nicer to hug.

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Do you live together?
No but she can sometimes come and spend a week at my place so...
I realize that AAC is facebook to me...:D

On the other side, in my EE university, I know a lot of girls that spend as much time on a PC as their boyfriends and have no problem consequently.

But EE girls aren't nearly as hot as the rest, sadly. Meh, nothing is perfect.
True that! Most engineering girls aren't that appealing compared to those doing humanities and all that goes with it....

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well then it sounds like someone has to choose. If you can't give up AAC, then it is up to the girlfriend to take you+AAC or not.

Next question, is AAC addictive and should councelling be offered? :D
Ooh YES!! AAC is soo addictive...coz even when I have nothing to discuss about I'm always here reading stuffs....

"To be happy with a man you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all."
Humm seems to me like there's not only brains on AAC but players as well...


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My wife doesn't complain about my time on the internet, but I also don't spend much time here at AAC or elsewhere. I'll echo what some have already said though, communication and compromise is the key to a happy relationship.

Either your girlfriend requires an unreasonable amount of your time, or you are spending an unreasonable amount of time on this website. Either way you should talk to her about it. Let's face it, none of us are going to tell you that you spend to much time here. ;):p:D


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This is an issue that beebthere and I worked out for our situation. When I was teaching or grading papers, he was online. Since he was retired AAC was like a very enjoyable job for him. But the biggest positive was it gave beenthere contact with likeminded people so that I didn't have to hear shoptalk 100% (only 73%) of the time. Find someone who understands you and doesn't try to manage your life for you.


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Get rid of her....there are more where that came from. :D

My one does not even care. Rather she enjoys watching me laugh at the funny posts.

You'll never get one like mine.. This I guarantee :p.

Never complain about women, that will be ur down fall.

My 10 cents...She should respect in what u enjoy. If not, she is not good enuf for u.


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Men are just plain different from women. Women have special social and emotional needs that some men just cannot provide. It is not just about AAC. My XYL has come to understand this. There is always something in my life that I will become intensely passionate and preoccupied with. I have told her, when a man is passionate about something, that is his life. Don't take that away from him or you take away his life. She has come to accept this. Get your GF a hobby (or another hubby.)


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If she's standing there doing the "I'm WAITING" thing, just look up at her and ask her if she can make you a sandwich or something.

If she does, she's a keeper.


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Joe,where have you been,speaking from experience. I think you would follow Joe

the mountian man,unless you let them know the city rules. The mountian plan of action.
Joe,where have you been,speaking from experience. I think you would follow Joe

the mountian man,unless you let them know the city rules. The mountian plan of action.
(grin) Yes, I am speaking from experience. YIPES!!

Seriously, if she doesn’t have a real hobby, (shopping, sitting on the couch watching the E! channel or constantly painting fingernails/toenails are NOT hobbies) then head for the hills!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hillwilliam and have different standards and expectations than my city counterparts. But on the first date, when topics turn to her interests and none of them include words such as Bebe, Forever21, Victoria's Secret, Ann Taylor, Charlotte Russe or Frederick's of Hollywood then smile and think you might have found a keeper. However, if her conversation turns toward mudder truck tires, axe handle hickory, reloading shotgun shells, skinnin’ deer and sour mash then jump up, run out the door and disappear into the shadows. Leave her sittin’ at the table. Most likely she’s got kinfolk you’ll be meeting sooner than later.

:) joe