I got a new girlfriend!


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Found her on YouTube today:

Nice: finding her attractive doesn't make me feel like a pervert.

Edit: Unlike this one:

Wow what a blast from the past, especially with BTO. The band i was in in the 1970's with the cousin of my frined from CA we did "Taking Care Of Business" and i played lead guitar and sang the lead vocals also. It was fun like none other.

That gal is good i noticed that right away.

One of these days i will have to post some videos of what my friend from CA did in her career. She did all kinds of music and played lead guitar also.


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And if you're into 3D printers, digital video and other Shenzhen goodies, you can always check out Naomi Wu on YouTube...


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So is this a girlfriend thread or a music thread or a electronics thread?
I'll go with the humor of the girlfriend is a pun and just post this.
Sometimes you have to learn how to "Not" do something right first.


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Long ago in college, a girlfriend of my wife caught me eyeing a pretty girl and asked my wife "Don't you mind him looking at girls like that." Her response was "If he didn't look at girls like that I'd worry about him liking girls".
It reminds me of what the wife of a friend of mine once said: "Of course my hubby has full permission from me to get laid with Elizabeth Hurley... that would give me bragging rights in front of my friends!"


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Agree. I hate to use Snopes, but in this case, since it confirmed what I suspected, it must be right. Right?

If such an article had been published, it would be easy to cite. More difficult to prove it wasn't published.


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We can only hope to live another day by... Even if it is a pipe-dream... Hell, I might live to be a really old man! Would old dirty old man be redundant?