Muting audio when you get a word match from a created list of words

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My first post! For years I have been trying various analog methods to create a mute when a list of created words is compared to incoming audio for a set period of time, with an auto-reset on the timer whenever any list word is detected. Digital software methods are beyond my scope of knowledge. The incoming audio would be from a external speaker output (not via a DVD/modem/etc), in real time. The audio would be coming directly from a 'live' source in 'real' time, such as a radio or TV external speaker/headphone connector. In other words, it would automatically 'break' (mute) the live audio from the source external audio output to the speakers or headset whenever there is a 'match' for a word on the created banned list. I think this would work with any language, or even multiple languages. There are a lot of devices available that use closed-caption as the source, but, that is not what I want. The device needs to be a stand-alone type, with no input from any other source to do the controlling or word matching. Some of the obvious components would be a word storage/retrieval section; a comparitor; a decision maker; a timer; a muting circuit and, obviously a power source. Would anyone like to work with me on this project that has a strong software/firmware background?