Mute audio signal via relay

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let me start off by saying that I am not very technically versed. I do appreciate any ideas and thoughts and if you can explain this as if I was a three year old, that'd be really great!

I trigger an HF radio to send a signal via a footswitch that connects to the radio via a 6.3mm jack.
On the receiving side I use a software defined radio (SDR) that decodes signals on my laptop. I have a T/R switch so the SDR is protected but my own signal is still strong enough so that it is decoded by the SDR. I listen to the audio via headphones that connect to the computer. Essentially this means that I can hear myself while I am talking.
As the signal is delayed by about 0.25-0.5 seconds it is very confusing to hear myself while I am talking.

I would therefore like to find a way to mute the headphones when I transmit and unmute when I receive only.

My thought was to do this via some sort of relay that the audio signal passes through, that is a "normally on" and that interrupts the headphone connection when it is triggered. I would like to use the 6.3mm jack that triggers my HF radio to also trigger that relay so this would essentially happen simultaneously.

Any ideas how to best accomplish that, what kind of relay to use, how to wire this etc? I greatly appreciate any input!

Thanks! Sebastian