Multiply square wave frequency by 2.45

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Hello, I am trying to multiply a square waveform by 2.45. Input frequency will fluctuate from 0Hz to ~1,200Hz. So, I would except an output of 0Hz to 2,940Hz. Does anyone know of something that can do this? I was hoping for a single chip but all I could think of is a PLL which I've never used before. Another idea was to maybe use a Frequency to Voltage then amplify the voltage and then send it to a Voltage to Frequency converter, but these tend to use one shot pulses and not even high and low durations. Sorry for any bad terminology I'm using as I am new at this. Thanks!


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It might be easier to throw a cheap little MCU at it. Measure the period of the reference waveform, divide that by 2.45, and use that for the period of your output waveform. You can balance responsiveness (latency) with smoothness by averaging the period over a number of cycles, perhaps using a moving average, to create a low-pass filter.

Also, I think you might have a hard time finding a PLL that will operate at that low a frequency. Depending on how accurate you need the scaling factor to be, a F2V-AMP-V2F is likely to not give good enough results. I'm assuming there's a reason that you want 2.45x and not simply 2.5x.


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Use a 4046 to multiply the frequency by 49.
Then divide the output frequency by 20, using a 4017 followed by a 4013.
I doubt it will be easy.